Godfrey Gao for Men’s Folio September 2013

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Ben is new to Southern California and new to being in front of the camera. I was his first “professional” shoot. But if you click here, I’m sure you will all realize why he will be in front of the camera for many more shoots. 


boutta take the ride of my life

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Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard | Via

Near the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh, lies one of the largest ship-breaking yards in the world. It stretches for 18 km along the coast on the Bay of Bengal where more than 200,000 Bangladeshis break down up to 100 ships a year. Working under hazardous conditions, workers rip apart ships with their bare hands and a blowtorch to assist, dissecting the ship bolt by bolt, rivet by rivet. Every piece of metal worth salvaging is carried on to waiting trucks in the shoreline to be carried away to furnaces where it will be melted down and fashioned into steel rods. The steel accounts for half of all the steel in Bangladesh.

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